Comité Técnico

The main functions of the Technical Committee are to carry out a permanent analysis of the current standards and topics of interest for the sector, to disseminate information through bulletins and the WEB page, to examine contractual terms for consultants, as well as to perform technical analysis of topics of interest for the member organizations of ASOFIN.

Currently, its composition is as follows:

Víctor Céspedes from Banco Prodem S.A. as Committee President
Marcelo Linares from Banco Fortaleza S.A.
Omar Medrano D. from Banco Solidario S.A.
Davor Saric Y. from Banco FIE S.A.
Jhanira Aguilar from Banco Pyme Los Andes Procredit S.A.
Marco Ibañez G. from Banco Pyme Ecofuturo S.A.
Ricardo Vargas from Banco Pyme de la Comunidad S.A.

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