Welcome to the website of Asofin, representative guild institution of the Bolivian microfinance sector.

Our guild gathers seven financial institutions, composed of four multiple banks and three SMEs Banks, all supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority System (ASFI).

On this page you can access updated financial information of each affiliated entity, and of the sector as a whole, as well as contact details of the key executives of them all.

Hoping that this site would be usefull, I put at your service, the professional team of our organization as well as my own person for any requirement.

Best regards

Fernando Mompó Siles
ASOFIN President


Our mission is to contribute to the development of the Bolivian microfinance industry through the association and integration of the regulated MFIs in an organic body, committing ourselves to disseminate their information, represent and defend their interests, propose policies oriented towards the preservation of their existence and development, and acting as a forum of discussion and cooperation among our associates.


Our vision is to position and maintain the associated MFIs among the most relevant and valued entities of the Bolivian financial system, due to their vocation to provide complete financial services to the micro and small entrepreneurs of our country, in a sustainable, transparent and socially responsible fashion.


Bulletin No. 170 of December of 2018

Memoria 2012
Institutional report to December 2014
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