Gobierno y Administración


The governance and management structure of ASOFIN is embodied as follows:

GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Is the highest authority in ASOFIN and represents all its associates. The implementation of its agreements is mandatory for all its active and absentee members, as long as those agreements are arrived at in accordance with legal regulations and with the Association’s own standard rules and regulations.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Is composed of all the affiliated members of ASOFIN and is the body in charge of the direction and control, as well as the legal representation of the Association. It reports to the General Assembly and implements its decisions.

BOARD OF GOVERNORS. Is composed of four official members of the Board of Directors and these are the President, the First Vice-president, the Second Vice-president, and the Treasurer. As alternates there are an Assistant Treasurer and a First Substitute. The members of the Board of Governors are elected by the Ordinary General Assembly.

Currently, its composition is as follows:

  • Presidente –Fernando Mompó Siles
  • Primer Vicepresidente – Gerardo Saavedra B.
  • Segundo Vicepresidente –Andrés Urquidi Selich
  • Tesorero – Jorge Guzmán Vargas
  • Pro Tesorero –Javier Lupo Gamarra


The EXECUTIVE SECRETARY is the highest ranking administrative official and is recruited by the Board of Directors on the proposal of the President. At present,Jose Antonio Sivila Peñaranda occupies this position. His duties are, inter alia, together with the president and by delegation, to represent ASOFIN, attend assemblies and meetings of the Board of Directors, as well as to carry out the administrative management of the office.

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