Financing for technical cooperation from the IDB Integration Fund
IDB approves US$1,155,000 grant for preparation of IIRSA road project in Bolivia

The Inter-American Development Bank today announced it has approved a US$1,155,000 grant to support the preparation of the Caranavi-Quiquibey-Yucumo road project in Bolivia, one of the priority projects of the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA).

The grant will help to complete the technical, economic and environmental studies required before a call for bids can be issued for work on the Caranavi-Quiquibey and Quiquibey-Yucumo road segments, which are included in the Northern Corridor Highway Improvement Program.

Resources from the IDB fund for Financing Technical Cooperation for Initiatives for Regional Infrastructure Integration (Integration Fund) will support the development of a road with suitable design parameters, and safe for vehicles all year round. Local counterpart financing will total US$297,000.

The Integration Fund

The US$20 million Integration Fund was established by the IDB in 2005 to finance studies and project preparation concerning regional physical integration. The fund increases the support that the IDB has traditionally given to regional integration by fostering projects in initiatives prioritized by the governments of the region, such as IIRSA, Plan Puebla Panama for Mexico and Central America and similar initiatives in the Caribbean.


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