• To associate and integrate the regulated microfinance entities in one organic body.

  • To propose and design policies oriented to preserve and protect the interests and priorities of the microfinance sector within the process of national development.

  • To represent the associated entities in the defense of their common interests, ensuring an ethical development of their activity.


  • To represent the associated microfinance entities before public authorities, the Central Bank of Bolivia, the Superintendence of Banks and Financial Entities, as well as before political-administrative, departmental, national and international organizations.

  • To strengthen, promote and protect activities of financial intermediation and auxiliary financial services.

  • To facilitate, propose, design and manage the implementation of programs oriented to strengthen the development of the sector.

  • To promote dialogue and participate in the debate with other organizations in matters related to its objectives.

  • To promote institutional bonds with organizations and international agencies, and to maintain cooperation and supplementary activities with national and international organizations.

  • To channel support for the improvement of management techniques at the different levels of the financial entities specialized in microfinance.

  • To carry out research that enables the evaluation the social, economic and financial development of the sector.

  • To compile and disseminate, among its associates and public opinion, information relative to the economy in general and to the activities of the sector in particular.

  • To analyze all type of regulations and matters that might affect the sector, and make its position be known.

  • To offer common or specific interest services that the Association is in a position to grant to its members, on economic, legal or social aspects.

  • To adopt a policy aimed at establishing mutual support and assistance among its members for the defense of their interests.

  • To propitiate affiliation to related entrepreneurial organizations at the national and international levels.

  • To carry out all activities that are fundamental for attaining its objectives and that do not infringe legal regulations in force.

ASOFIN does not interfere in the activities, or in the internal régime of its members. Neither does it assume representation in labor-management conflicts or in conflicts of any other type, therefore, it has no legal capacity to accept summons or notifications, or to accept any type of labor demands or petitions, or of any other kind that involve or are submitted against the members of the Association.

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